"Pets & Painting" March Break Studio Sessions

We had a fun week making art with students and visiting the Humane Society! Thank you to everyone who participated and supported the March Break Studio Sessions.

Friday, March 18, 2011

"Pets & Painting" Student March Break Studio Sessions

We had  great March Break here at the Kennedy Gallery. We were lucky to partner with the North Bay Humane Society to put on "Pets & Painting" March Break Studio Sessions. The students visited the Humane Society on Monday to meet and sketch the animals. Each student was given a sketch book, drawing pencil, and eraser and created some great drawings. The students learned how the animals are taken care of at the Humane Society, where the animals stay when they are there, how to properly hold a cat and take care of a pet. The animals were very excited and happy to meet all the students.
The rest of the week the students were here at the Kennedy Gallery in the studio making art work for their favorite pets and reflecting upon their time spent with the animals. The students created beautiful works of art! We had a dog fashion show fabric art creations, an alligator/dog paper mache mask, "What's in my head" profile mix media works, a Parisian landscape sculpture made of clay, abstract mobiles,  and so much more! We held a exhibition here in the Kennedy Underground to show all the works of art created over the week to family and friends of all of our student artists! Check out the pictures from the week and if you're looking for a new pet for your family contact the Humane Society today!

Check out our March Break Studio Sessions "Pets & Painting" on Cogeco.